Are you over the hill? Or stuck in tradition and have difficulty understanding today’s youth?These tips might help. Remember young people are just smaller versions of ourselves and want to do the same things we do. Communicate on our smart phones, talk and hang out with friends and have fun. Youth must be served. ——Garmaan Nq
  你是否感嘆青春已逝?或者陷於傳統的想法,感到很難理解今天的年輕人?這樣的小貼士或許會有幫助。記住,年輕人就是一個小版本的自己、並且希望跟我們做同樣的事情。用智能手機交流,聊天、以及和朋友,出去開心地玩耍。年輕人就得把他們當成年輕的自己一樣對待。  (原標題:Youth)


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